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The following review excerpt appeared on 04/16/2004 of , and is copyrighted by John Robinson 2004.

Comic-Related Book of the Week: Digital Prepress for Comic Books by Kevin Tinsley. I can't draw. If I could, I'd probably be doing comics instead of actual novels and such. However, the company that named itself after my style of illustration (Stickman Graphics), has put this resource out there that will please anyone who actually has talent and wants to create comics. Granted, you'll need Adobe Photoshop and Quark Xpress if you want to make full use of the words here, but if you want to look pro, you'll have those pieces of software anyway. Packed with illustrations and examples, it's good reading for anybody who wants to make the most of their comic-producing abilities

The following review excerpt appeared in the November issue of Savant Mag at and is copyrighted by Larry Young 2000. Go to the site to read the entire article. It's a great site.

The next book you should absolutely get is Digital Pre-Press for Comic Books, by Kevin Tinsley.
If you want to know all about comic book-specific DTP, it's in Tinsley's book.
From definitions of terminology, to standard formats of digital files, to scanning resolutions, dot gain, digital lettering, Quark bleed dimensions, color seps, vectors, page compositions, cover layout, PhotoShop comps, and artists' alterations, EVERY SINGLE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COMIC BOOK PRODUCTION is in this single book, written by a former Marvel bullpenner.
You should buy this book not just for the no-nonsense delivery of absolutely essential facts, not just for the time it'll save you getting up to speed, but because you should get your DTP advice from Tinsley who is fluent with comic book digital pre-press like he's speaking his mother tongue, instead of me, ancient bastard that I am, who worked his first tabloid magazine job on a Mac SE.
Digital Pre-Press for Comic Books is available from, and is even available from Diamond on page 310 of this month's PREVIEWS. Your local shop could do worse than have a couple of these on its how-to rack. Let 'em know they'll be doing the next Dave Sim a big favor.

The following review appeared in the September 15, 2000 issue of Comics Buyer's Guide issue 1400. and is copyrighted by Krause Publishing 2000.

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The following review appeared in the April 2000 issue of Boyce McClain's Comics Corner and is copyrighted by Boyce McClain 2000.
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The following review appeared in the Spring/Summer 2000 issue of the Book Reader and is copyrighted by The Book Reader 2000.

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The following review appeared in the January 2000 issue of Computer Publishing Magazine and is copyrighted by Future Publishing 1999. Visit their website at

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The following review was written September 29, 2000 and appears on the website listing of our book. I assume it is either copyrighted by Amazon or the author, Scott Robinson.

This Book is a WINNER! (5 stars) Physically, the book is attractive...the layout is impeccable, the typography is excellent. It's been awhile since I've handled a how-to book that was a joy to hold and read, but this one is. Colour illustrations abound within the book, but it's not text's well written, well organized, and I would recommend it to anyone seriously interested in becoming involved in desktop comic book publishing. It's a very good, solid book. If you're serious about getting into prepress for comics, you can't go wrong buying it. NOTE: This book is best used in conjunction with Quark Xpress and Adobe refers to them constantly in details of production.

Scott Robinson
Crestone, Colorado United States

Once a month Todd Klein, a professional letterer for several comic companies, "hosts" a lettering chat on AOL and the day before, he emails all lettering types to remind them to be there..A couple of months ago he included this little suggestion/review :

"This past month I bought a copy of the book Digital Prepress for Comic Books by Kevin Tinsley, as advertised in the Comics Buyers Guide and other places (Stickman Graphics, publisher). Despite a heavy emphasis on the Marvel working method that Tinsley helped develop, there's lots of helpful information here for anyone working in comics with computers. I recommend it."

Wanted to let you know how informative and helpful your book is--I've been recommending it to everyone I talk to.

Chris Eliopoulos
author/artist of Desperate Times comic
and Letterer extraordinare

I think your book is great, it would certainly be of great use to a lot of people. I am a great comic book fan myself!

Nick Veitch
Computer Publishing

Loved your book and I think it should be a staple to all publishers. It's a great book.

Roger Broughton
ACG Comics
Avalon Communications

I commend you for the in-depth information you put into this book. I found it very useful...Thanks for tackling such a tough subject, and bringing to light all the processes involved in comic prepress.

Thomas Hunter
Graphic Designer

I bought the book, Digital Prepress for Comic Books last month, and have found it to be an extraordinary reference volume--extremely useful and well worth the money! Thanks!

Kent Bingham
Digital Illustration and Design

I've found your book to be very helpful in planning out a comic project I've been dreaming about for quite a while now.

Alexander Antoniades
Graphic Artist

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