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Digital Prepress for Comic Books
Revised, Updated and Expandede
cover pic Digital Prepress for Comic Books:
cover price: $38.95 US
ISBN: 978-0-9675423-8-6
This book is the ultimate reference used by professionals throughout the industry. With over 200 pages and 300 color illustrations, and detailed instructions, this manual will provide the answers and solutions you will need to successfully print a magazine. Whether you are planning to publish your own comics, or want to provide the best reproducible art possible, this item is a must-have for your professional library.

Click on the links below to learn more about the computer procedures used by virtually every major comic book company and production department in the country. Including:

Scanning: Learn how to make the best possible scan of line art, and look out for potential trouble spots in the inking process.

Separations: Find out what printers look for in computer coloring, and how to achieve accurate printable colors.

Lettering: Take all the guesswork out of properly positioned, digital lettering.

Trapping: The secrets of solving misregistration in multiple applications are revealed.

Covers: Everything you need to know about stripping logos into artwork and applying special effects for dynamic eye-catching covers.

Artist Bios: Learn more about the contributers and see some of the artwork that appears in the book.

Ordering: You can order online, or download an order form to mail or fax in your order.

Be advised, the contents and instructions in Digital Prepress for Comic Books assumes prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Quark Express. This book is for intermediate and advanced users, and does NOT provide basic operating instructions for these programs.
Scanning/ Separations/ Lettering
Trapping/ Covers/ Artist Bios

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