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Self-Publishing Resource Guide

The original edition of Digital Prepress for Comic Books became the ultimate reference used by comic professionals throughout the industry. This updated edition covers:

• current software upgrades
• new sections on InDesign
• new chapter on creating PDFs

With over 200 pages of detailed instructions and 300 color illustrations, this manual will provide the answers and solutions you will need to successfully print a magazine or graphic novel.

Whether you are planning to publish your own comic or graphic novel, or want to provide the best reproducible art possible, this item is a must-have for your professional library.

Distributed by Diamond Book Distributors
Also available through Ingrams, BWI, Baker & Taylor, online booksellers and bookstores..

Fruit of the Poisonous Vine
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Stickman Graphics has been providing prepress and production services to publishers and ad agencies in and around New York City for the last 18 years.

In 1999 we published Digital Prepress for Comic Books: The Definitive Desktop Production Guide. It was given a FOUR STAR rating by Computer Publishing Magazine, and can be purchased at this website. Select from the menu below to find out more about the content of this book or our services.


In 2002 Stickman Graphics began publishing first run multi-genre graphic novels. It is our ultimate goal to produce three to four all new graphic novels each year, and distribute them to the mainstream book outlets, in addition to the traditional comic outlets.We invite you to check out pages from our upcoming graphic novels.

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